Textiles & Clothing

Indian Sari

Old and new saris with metallic thread and beading.  Wedding Saris. 


Embroidered Silk fabrics & Pillow cases.

Painted Bark Fabrics

Tonga Tapa

Papua new Guinea

Indonesian Ikat

Wall Hangings and scarves large and small.

West African

Nigerian handloom Aso Oke fabrics. 


Indian Handmade antique wall hangings with embroidery and mirrors.

 Chinese and Japanese Vintage Fashion

A rare selection of Pre Revolution Chinese Cheongsam, qipao dress. Handmade and embroidered. Variety of Silk Kimono and Chinese silk pyjama sets and dresses for adults and children.

 Selected multicultural Clothing 

A selection of West African dresses, tops and outfits as per stock availability. Indonesian Ikat waistcoats in various colours. Central Asian, Turkmenistan robes  and Indian traditional costume forms part of our revolving stock. We have a variety of shoes some as decoration, but can also be worn.

Items subject to availability